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High Efficiency air filter

High Efficiency air filter

It is applied to the research and production departments with various process requirements under 

100 000 (≥ 0.5μm particle size). This filter has a good performance of filtering bacteria, which is 

especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, biological laboratories, hospital operating 

rooms, food industry, cosmetics industry and others. It has good effects for purifying the air in 

office and hotel. Therefore, based on the above situations, the filter can be used as a final stage 

filter, which can ensure the cleanliness requirements of 100 000. 

High efficiency air filters

It is used for filtering the air containing traces of acid, alkali organic solvents in the environment of room

 temperature and normal humidity.These products have the advantage of high efficiency, low resistance, 

large capacity. So they are widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering 

and other fields.

     It is used to filter out dust impurities in the inhaled air by the air compressor. The oil filter, oil and gas

 separation of core and oil will have longer service life with cleaner inhaled air. It can prevent other material 

into the host or the material will do harm to the host , leading to host " Hugging" or even scrapped. Its life is 

usually around 2000 hours.

Products of high efficiency air filters: clapboard type high efficiency air filter, non-clapboard type high

 efficiency air filter, V-BED efficient filters, high temperature and high efficiency filter.


Air Filter is a kind of air filtration devices. It is generally used for cleaning dust in a clean shop, clean

 rooms, laboratories and clean rooms, or for protecting electro-mechanical communication equipment from

dust. The Air Filter models include the primary efficiency air filter, medium efficiency air filter, high

 efficiency air filter and sub-efficient filter and others with different standards and performance.

Primary efficiency air filter

It is usually made of man-made fiber filter material and its frame is made of sturdy, moisture-proof

cardboard. It will not be deformed, broken, twisted in the normal operating environment. In addition to

fixing filter material in the form of diagonal around the frame, filter material and frame are tightly bonded

to prevent form leaking air. Pleating filter can accumulate large amounts of dust and put the dust at the

bottom of it, then its sides can effectively filter other dust. Generally speaking, the deeper the pleating is,

the longer service life it has.

Characteristics of these products:

    Solid structure, stable effects, longer service life

    Solid, efficient and easy to handle

    Lower initial resistance

    Stable filtration efficiency

Using this filter does not need to change the design of the original air-conditioning box. It not only has

better efficiency than traditional planar filter, but also extends the life of back-efficiency filter. The primary

 air filters include: non-woven filter of the filter plate, all metal filter, washable filter, pleat filter and others