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Portable ozone generator

Portable ozone generator

    Portable ozone generator with circulating air treatment technology, the indoor air pollution from the bottom pumping into the interior of the machine, the use of oxygen in the air ionization to generate ozone gas, ozone and spread to the workshop, in the indoor air microorganisms to the purpose of sterilization

   Product features

 1 ozone generator with four moving wheels can move upper portion of the chassis, push and pull handle, easy to use;

2 with regular disinfection function, to realize unattended;

3 large ozone yield, high concentration, low energy consumption, the ozone yield can be assembled according to actual requirement, disinfection and sterilization is fast, no residue and pollution two, can quickly penetrate diffusion, disinfection and sterilization is not dead;

  Product fuction

1 sterilization: ozone can kill bacteria, bacillus, fungi and viruses and all pathogenic microorganisms, the indoor air and object surface to achieve the desired disinfection and sterilization effect of removing odor;

 2: ozone removing peculiar smell, excellent performance, it can be rapid decomposition of odor, smoke, dust and other peculiar smell generated organic and inorganic substances, the fresh air;

3 preservative: ozone mold has strong killing and inhibiting the ability, at the same time can absorb the fruits respiration discharge ethylene gas, for food, fruits and vegetables have excellent mildew, preservation;

 4 reduction of oxygen: increase the indoor oxygen concentration, promote the activation of human cells, improve the circulation of the blood and the new supersedes the old., to prevent the occurrence of disease.