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After-sale service.

( 1) the implementation of product quality for one year the "three packs ". In the "Three Guarantees " during normal use, where the malfunction and damage ( not including the wearing parts ), the company is responsible for free repair or replacement.

( 2) the warranty period, if quality problems arise, the users received notification within 24 hours after: by phone or fax to reply, or : Send a repair personnel, deadline repair is completed, and do it: " not rule out the fault does not withdraw ".

( 3) after the warranty period, to provide quality services and accessories.

Production of my company's production power and guarantee period:

My company has a wide range of machining and welding equipment; has a processing center for processing product key components ( such as blaster etc.) precision parts; with self-developed Shotblast equipment, for product of plate welding blasting processing; have excellent technology, has a rich practical experience of casting, machining, plate welding, technical workers and installation team.

Guarantee measures:

1 products by experienced engineers design, design drawings expert review, to ensure design quality;

2 products not the subcontract production to third party;

3 of parts of products:

I steel plates, profiles and other raw materials from the famous manufacturers of goods;

II Kit / standard parts ( such as bearings, motor and reducer ) as much as possible from the famous manufacturers purchase, or by the user according to use and repair, designated manufacturers;

III castings from large domestic foundry production, high quality, low prices. At the same time, into the company by a professional staff to ensure quality inspection;

IV other parts ( including the plate welding, machining parts ), all in the company to complete, in order to control the quality of manufacture.

V electrical components used in high-quality China-made ( or imported, according to user requirements ) products, PLC selection of foreign brands ( OMRON, Siemens Mitsubishi or products, etc.) to ensure the automatic control level.

By design, quality inspection personnel 4 set up a special quality supervision team, ensure the manufacturing quality;

5 key components ( such as blaster etc.) in long time load test;

6 for large non-standard equipment, and equipment manufacturing is completed, by the users of the products of the functional components of the initial inspection, after passing the factory.

7 of the factory's products, to ensure the supply of spare parts